3 Things Parents Can Do to Participate in Their Child’s Daycare

3 Things Parents Can Do to Participate in Their Child’s Daycare

Many families choose Montessori daycare as an option that allows them to work and gives their children educational and social opportunities. If you’ve made this choice for your family, you want the experience to be as positive for your child as possible.

The best way to ensure that your child gets the most out of their time in Montessori daycare is to get involved. But how do you do that? Here are three things you can do to become an actively participating parent.

1. Take Part in Formal Parent Events

Chances are that your child’s daycare or preschool holds events for parents throughout the year. These are held so parents can take part in fun activities, see what their child does on a daily basis, and even get to know other parents. Your child’s daycare might hold:

  • Meet and greets
  • Parent-child lunch dates
  • Muffins with mom/donuts with dad
  • School fairs
  • After hours playdates

Attend these events whenever possible. They offer great opportunities to create a connection with your child’s daycare and show your child that their education is a top priority for you.

Many preschools send out a calendar with information on these events. You may also follow your child’s Montessori school on social media.

2. Volunteer at Your Child’s Montessori Daycare

Schools rely on parental involvement to succeed. If you are able to dedicate even a small amount of time, that can make an amazing difference. Contact the administrator or your child’s teacher to see where help is needed. As a parent volunteer you may be recruited to help with:

  • Paperwork
  • Playground duties
  • Art and science projects
  • Field trips
  • Cleanup and light maintenance projects

If you have a special skill that might be useful, don’t hesitate to bring that up. You could give an interesting presentation or demonstration or meet some other need the school has.

Volunteering doesn’t need to be a solo experience. Get other parents involved as well. You could coordinate a school supply drive or a teacher appreciation luncheon.

3. Communicate Frequently

Communication is important in helping your child have a successful daycare experience. Take advantage of every opportunity available to stay informed as a parent, and share any concerns or information you have. Think of yourself and your child’s school as partners with a shared interest in your child’s success.

Attend scheduled events such as parent-teacher conferences, but don’t ignore other opportunities to connect. Does your child’s Montessori daycare center have a newsletter or email list? Subscribe to that. Also, send a quick email from time to time as a way to check in.

Ask your child’s school if they have an app for parents. If so, download it. These apps often allow you to view the classroom in real-time, view pictures of special activities, and communicate with the school using a messenger tool.

Ask Your Child’s Daycare About Getting Involved

Your child’s school would love to have you get more involved. Don’t hesitate to contact the staff to ask how you can help or what you can do to take a more active role in your child’s Montessori education.

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