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More than basic child care. Weibel Montessori School plants the seeds for a lifetime of learning for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

Give your child the advantage of a lifelong love for learning by enrolling them in a Montessori school. Certified Montessori teachers will oversee your child as they immerse themselves in hands-on experience. Your child will decide how they approach the curriculum, with minimal intervention from teachers.

Weibel Montessori School Programs


Toddlers - Now Open!

With Potty-Training Program

Ages: 2 - 3 years

Address your child’s gregarious nature and establish the foundation to unlocking your child’s mind to the world around them.


Preschool - Kindergarten

Ages: 3 - 6 years

Enable your child to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually, while developing their character and academic interests.

Before and After School Childcare

To meet the needs of families, we offer before and after school childcare, for which we are licensed by the State of California.  Our childcare hours are from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, with Montessori instruction occurring between 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

Year-Round School

Our Year Round Programs feature school throughout the year with the minimum amount of days off possible. Not everyone is able to look after their children when school breaks for summer or winter vacation, at the same time children may long for the community, friendships and constructive activity a school provides. Our School Year Programs are best suited for parents and students looking for more than a conventional school year calendar. Year Round programs may differ depending upon specific school location. Please inquire with each individual School Director regarding their school’s Year Round Program.

“The essential thing is to arouse such an interest that it engages the child’s whole personality.”
- Dr. Maria Montessori PhD.

Your Child Will Develop Traits That Are Fundamental to An Authentic Montessori Experience:


Your child will learn to take charge of their personal lives through self-directing their learning.

Intrinsic Motivation

Your child will pursue leaning for their own enjoyment, not because they expect external rewards.


Your child will build confidence as they explore new topics independently and in small groups.

Sensory Perception

Your child’s senses will be sharpened by the holistic, hands-on nature of a Montessori education.

Academic Achievement

Your child moves through the curriculum at their own pace. There’s no rush, so they can thoroughly explore a topic that interests them.


Your child will learn how to communicate with people of different backgrounds and developmental stages.


Your child will learn self-regulation as they conduct their own experiments. They’ll need the discipline to stay focused and determine when to move on to their next assignment.

Culture Awareness

Your child will explore cultural activities and learn to respect the beliefs of others.

Plant the Seeds for A lifetime of learning in your child today.

By enrolling your child in a Montessori school, you give them the advantage of a lifelong love for learning. From day one, your child will be immersed in a prepared environment that will hone their innate curiosity. They will self-direct their studies and projects, with guidance from teachers only if they ask for it.

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Authentic Montessori

All of our campuses adhere to the most stringent Montessori standards and unite with the Association Montessori International.

Authentic Montessori

All of our campuses adhere to the most stringent Montessori standards.