Montessori Primary Program

Preschool through Kindergarten
(Ages 3 – 6)

Two Montessori Students Working Together at Desk
Montessori Boy Working at Table

The Montessori Primary Program, also called the Children’s House in the Montessori philosophy, is based on the belief that young children flourish with gentle guidance and the opportunity to work at their own pace. Dr. Montessori recognized that children have sensitive periods to absorb certain information. This is the time to fill their experiences with rich language and manipulative lessons. The brain is connected to the work of the hands. 

Five Areas of Focus that allow your child to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually, developing their character as well as their academic interests

Practical Life

These activities make up the foundation of the program. They help the child adapt to the environment. Practical Life skills encourage the development of a sense of order and logical thinking, as well as attention to detail, concentration, and the coordination of movement leading to self-control and independence.


Language is woven into all parts of the curriculum. It begins with conversation, then explores sounds and the blending of sounds, and leads to reading, writing, and the function of words.


The Montessori materials are designed to order, relate, classify, explore and realize impressions that the child has already formed. The materials help the child experience differentiations within the five senses and form the groundwork for future academic learning.


This area of exploration includes world geography, physical science, zoology, biology, botany, history, art, music studies, and physical education.
To complement the richness of the classroom experience, “going out” excursions are part of the kindergarten curriculum. Also included is a variety of resource visitors to the classroom, some four-footed and furry from the animal kingdom; some human specialists in their respective fields.


Dr. Maria Montessori designed “hands-on” materials to help the child investigate, calculate, measure, imagine and create. Eventually this leads the child from manipulation of the concrete to abstract thought.

Campuses Offering The Montessori Primary (Preschool and Kindergarten) Program

Montessori School of Fremont

Area: Mission San Jose
Programs: Toddler | Primary | Elementary

Montessori Children's House

Area: Cameron Hills
Programs: Toddler | Primary

Montessori Children's Center

Area: Ardenwood / Union City
Programs: Infant Care | Toddler | Primary

Mission Valley Montessori

Area: Kimber Park
Programs: Toddler | Primary

Day Star Montessori

Area: Milpitas
Programs: Toddler | Primary

Weibel Montessori

Area: Weibel, Mission & Warm Springs
Programs: Toddler | Primary

Montessori West - 8 Campuses



7:00AM - 8:30AM


Full-Day: 8:30AM - 3:00PM
Mornings: 8:30AM - 11:30AM
Afternoons: 12:15PM - 3:00PM


3:15PM - 6:00PM


7:00AM - 6:00PM

* All programs can be billed monthly or per school year.

Plant the Seeds for A Lifetime of Learning in Your Child Today.

By enrolling your child in a Montessori school, you give them the advantage of a lifelong love for learning. From day one, your child will be immersed in a prepared environment that will hone their innate curiosity. They will self-direct their studies and projects, with guidance from teachers when needed.
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Authentic Montessori

All of our campuses adhere to the most stringent Montessori standards and unite with the Association Montessori International.

Authentic Montessori

All of our campuses adhere to the most stringent Montessori standards.