4 Authentic Montessori Activities that Engage Preschool Children

4 Authentic Montessori Activities that Engage Preschool Children - Montessori preschool - Day Star MontessoriThe impact of practical Montessori activities on the engagement of preschool children can form a positive foundation that benefits them for the rest of their lives. Discoveries and challenges remain at the heart of the Montessori curriculum to empower young children in their pursuits each day.

One of the most profound hallmarks of Montessori preschool education is helping children take advantage of opportunities to learn engaging life practices at a very young age. Even simple activities like getting dressed and cleaning can initially seem daunting for these young children; however, they are empowering to master.

Montessori Preschool Activities for Engagement and Empowerment

Practical activities offer several benefits for preschool children, including:

  • Fostering a child’s independence
  • Honing concentration skills
  • Improving body movement coordination
  • Introducing and strengthening a sense of order

Preschoolers want to do everything themselves and often mimic adults. They thrive on performing hands-on practical learning activities that are enjoyable and beneficial.

Four of those activities are described below; creative variations to suit the needs of specific children are always encouraged.

1. Gardening with Herbs

One of the most fulfilling activities for Montessori preschool children is gardening. Planting a small herb garden teaches responsibility and allows them to experience the rewards of hard work, diligence, and duty.

Ensure that the child tends to their garden daily. They can even weed the garden if necessary and water the plants. When the herbs are ready, let the child see that they are used to season dishes they help prepare.

2. Washing Toys

Preschool-aged children can learn so much from washing toys — from taking responsibility to learning cause-and-effect relationships to experiencing pride when accomplishing an important task that improves the state of an object.

When toys are used and must be cleaned, it becomes an excellent opportunity for children to engage in washing activities (with fun bubbles, of course) to clean those toys.

Gather and keep materials for cleaning toys in the bathroom or sink area of the classroom or house so they are easily accessible for a child.

Preschoolers are excellent with following a sequence of steps and enjoy the methodic procedure. Encourage them to follow the sequence of filling a small basin with warm water, adding soapy bubbles, scrubbing the toy, rinsing it, and drying it. Don’t forget to have them clean the area afterward.

3. Putting Puzzle Maps Together

Preschool children often struggle to visualize the layout of the world beyond what they can directly see and experience, even if they have been exposed to flat maps of countries, towns, or the earth. Puzzle maps bring the world to life and help them understand the placements of locations in relation to each other.

Maps that contain different-colored pieces are exceptionally beneficial; they help young children develop and improve spatial awareness. If there is a puzzle map available with pieces that have wooden pegs for little hands to hold, all the better; those pegs can help shape fine motor skills and promote the correct way to grip a pencil later on.

4. Classification Cards

Working with classification cards, whether it’s with animals, fruits, or anything else, can help Montessori preschool children develop an awareness of their surroundings, including their immediate and extended environments.

These cards usually come in sets of three: one card has the object’s name, another has a photo of the object, and the third card has both on it. These cards help young children practice honing their visual and linguistic skills while exploring different animals, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Give Your Child an Early Start with Montessori Preschool

Montessori activities for preschool children use a wide range of activities that encourage independence and engagement. To foster a lifelong love of learning, Montessori programs rely on hands-on learning that cultivates a fun and effective environment for little learners. 

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