4 Outdoor Activities Private Kindergarten Children Will Learn From

4 Outdoor Activities Private Kindergarten Children Will Learn From - Montessori School in Newark

At Montessori kindergarten and other types of private kindergarten, learning happens in more places than in the classroom. When you combine learning with playing outside, kids will have fun while gaining a better understanding of the world. Check out these engaging outdoor educational activities.

1. Writing the “Natural” Alphabet

One of the benefits of private kindergarten is that each child can learn at their own pace. This fun outdoor activity can be adjusted to suit different levels of learning. If a child is still mastering writing the alphabet, give them a letter (or more than one). If a child is able to write words, give them a word to spell.

From there, each child can write their letter or word on the ground using natural items — they may use leaves, rocks, sticks, and grass. It’s a lot more fun than practicing writing on paper!

2. Going on a Compass Walk

Knowing how to read a compass is a useful skill. And with a little bit of guidance, kindergarteners can learn how to do it. It’s more fun if there’s a hiking trail you can use, but any outdoor area will work.

Before handing each child a compass, ask them to guess which direction is north. From there, you can hand out compasses and show the kids how to find due north.

If you wish, you can turn this activity into a simple scavenger hunt. For instance, you might hide a small prize due south of a starting point and let the kids find it themselves. One of the key parts of the Montessori kindergarten experience is encouraging hands-on, independent learning. This activity certainly achieves that goal.

3. Completing a Bug Safari

Catching bugs is a fun warm-weather activity, and it’s a great hands-on way for kids to learn about the insect world. To make sure there are plenty of bugs to look at, set out “pitfall traps” with the children the night before. Here’s how to do it:

  • Gather a few small plastic shovels and plastic cups
  • In a few different areas, dig holes about the width and depth of the plastic cups
  • Place a cup in each hole
  • Pack the soil around the cup
  • Wait for bugs to fall into the traps

The next day, let the kids examine the bugs. The best way to do this is with plastic “bug viewers” — you can find them cheap online. Teach the kids that something with six legs is an insect, something with eight legs is a spider, etc. The children will probably be able to identify common bugs like crickets, ants, and ladybugs.

4. Sunscreen Painting

This activity will help kindergarteners learn about the effects of the sun’s rays. And if any of your kids are resistant to wearing sunscreen, they might find they want to wear it after this!

This project is an especially easy one, as it requires little to no preparation. You only need black construction paper, sunscreen, and some paint brushes. 

To start, ask each child to paint a picture using sunscreen. Once they are done, let them pick a spot to set their creations in the sun. After the papers have been out in the sun for a few hours, have the kids go collect their pictures.

The children will see that even though the sunscreen is dry, their sunscreen pictures are the same color as the original construction paper. The rest of the paper has already been faded by the sun! It’s an easy, memorable way for kindergarteners to see how sunscreen protects their skin.

The Montessori Difference

Montessori kindergarten isn’t just any private kindergarten — it focuses on educating children holistically. Children learn academic and social skills while appreciating the wonderful diversity of the world. Want to enroll your child or learn more about Montessori? Reach out to us today!

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