5 Simple Ways to Help Preschool Kids Increase Their Self-Esteem

5 Simple Ways to Help Preschool Kids Increase Their Self-Esteem - Montessori preschool - Montessori School in Newark

Building your child’s self-esteem begins about as early as the day they enter the world, but it becomes even more critical to make them feel self-assured once they’re around preschool age. School is their first taste of independence, and a child who is full of confidence is much better equipped to tackle whatever comes before them during this stage and beyond.

If you want to help your Montessori preschool kid build their self-esteem, there are plenty of ways to do it. Incorporate these five simple methods, and you may be surprised how easily you can empower your little one.

1.  Give Them Your Undivided Attention

Tuning everything else out to offer your child your attention tells them that you value them, which in turn will teach them to value themselves. Conversely, if you show your child that their needs and desires aren’t important, they will begin to think of themselves as unimportant.

Paying attention to your child can mean taking time out of your day for some one-on-one activities or simply showing them that you’re totally focused and attentive when they’re communicating with you. It doesn’t always have to be a big deal, but it should sometimes be.

2.  Be Specific in Your Praise

Praising your preschool child for the good things they do is an important part of instilling them with self-confidence, but there are two things to keep in mind when doing this.

First, you don’t want to overdo the praise to the point where it becomes meaningless. Offer it often, but make sure that there’s always a good reason for doing so.

Second, you don’t want to be vague about your praise. State exactly what it is you’re praising them for so that they can know what it is they should feel proud of.

3.  Accept Their Imperfections

Your child will make mistakes. Plenty of them, in fact. And they will also find things about themselves that they don’t necessarily love. If you want to give them a strong sense of self-esteem, it’s important to help them learn from their mistakes rather than punish them. It’s also crucial to teach them that imperfections are only natural and that you love every part of them regardless.

4.  Offer Them Stability

It’s not just the things you say to your child that instills them with self-confidence. It’s also the environment you put them in and the message that the environment sends. Provide them with a stable home life that they can depend on, and they’ll go out into the world with a sense of self-worth.

5. Love Unconditionally

Make it clear to your child at every turn that there are no stipulations on your love for them. When they’re making mistakes and misbehaving, that’s the time they need your love the most. Lead with that love as you work to teach them where they’re going wrong.

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