What Does It Mean to Be a Big Helper in Preschool?

What Does It Mean to Be a Big Helper in Preschool - Montessori preschool - Montessori Children's House

When children are still very young and just becoming acquainted with the world, it’s almost always inherent in them to want to help with all kinds of different tasks. By the time they’ve gotten just a little bit older, however, that motivation can disappear almost entirely for a multitude of reasons. 

At Montessori preschool, that innate helper is something that will be nurtured in your child so they don’t begin to lose the urge to lend a hand no matter how old they get. One of the ways we do that nurturing is by awarding the title of Big Helper to whoever pursues the urge to aid. 

Big Helpers can lend a hand with just about anything they are inspired to help with in their new preschool. This encouragement will almost always translate to them bringing their assisting attitude home — they will become Big Helpers for you and the whole family if they’re allowed to be.

How Are Children Inspired to Become Big Helpers in Montessori Preschool?

There are a number of ways that a parent or teacher can inspire a preschool child to become a Big Helper both at home and in school. The following are some of the most effective.

Give Them a Chance

As a busy parent, it isn’t always ideal to allow your little one to help out when you’re doing chores. But at Montessori preschool, they’ll have the perfect opportunity to lend a hand and to take their time and make mistakes while doing it. These opportunities are key to inspiring children to become Big Helpers. 

To continue inspiring them at home without slowing your chores down to an untenable speed, you can always let your child watch you do a task a few times and then, when you’re not in a rush, allow them to give it a try themselves.

Create a Ritual

Kids are quite adept at picking up on patterns, and they’ll take quickly to a routine when one is presented to them. Incorporating tasks into the daily routine helps create a ritual that will become second nature, laying the foundation of a lifelong Big Helper. 

While Montessori preschool does foster autonomy, it also encourages children to create useful, healthy, everyday routines that can inspire them to be helpful.

Help Them Through

Montessori preschool is designed to provide children with a sense of independence, but there is also value in being there beside them to help out when their independence goes awry. When they need help, it can be valuable to lend a hand and show them an example of a Big Helper in the process.

Once a child has seen that they will receive help when they request it, they then learn that they can offer help when it is requested of them. However, it’s important that they’re not forced into helping, as this can develop a negative connotation about the notion of lending a hand.

Appreciate Effort

Preschool children are typically not going to be extremely helpful with certain tasks, but that doesn’t mean their effort shouldn’t be appreciated. 

It’s critical to focus on the good intentions rather than the bad outcome and allow the child to continue feeling good about being a Big Helper. True helpfulness can be developed over time as long as they continue wanting to help.

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