6 Authentic Hands-On Toddler Activities Found in Montessori Schools

6 Authentic Hands-On Toddler Activities Found in Montessori Schools - Montessori West

Engaging your toddler with activities based on the Montessori philosophy is a great way to help them build a foundation for their educational journey. These activities are focused primarily on developing a sense of independence and self-motivated learning, and they are always hands-on. 

If you’d like to get a head start on your child’s education — or simply satisfy your child’s growing curiosity about the world around them — try these six authentic activities you can find in a Montessori toddler program.

1. Sorting Colors

Montessori activities are designed to engage not only the mind, but the body and the senses as well. To do this at home, grab a collection of differently colored items, and have your child separate them based on those colors. 

Sorting items can help your child develop motor skills and begin to understand the concept of categories.

2. Sorting by Size

Another activity that can help your child begin to understand the idea of categories is to collect an assortment of items, preferably all of the same type of item, that are of a range of sizes. Have your child sort them from smallest to biggest.

3. Searching for Items

Children are full of curiosity, and that curiosity often leads them to wander about your home and discover all of its various nooks and crannies. You can use this curiosity to enrich their minds and develop their problem-solving and memory skills by hiding items around the house and having them seek them out.  

4. Playing With Playdough

There’s a strong chance you’ve already had your child play with some playdough, but you may not have realized how well-aligned this simple activity is with Montessori toddler programs. It engages the senses, allows for creativity and independence, and helps to develop fine motor skills all at once.

5. Playing With Magnets

Magnets can instill a sense of wonder even in a grown adult with the right set of eyes, so you can probably imagine why they make for an ideal activity with an already wonder-filled toddler. 

Get a magnet, along with two separate collections of items: one of magnetic objects and one of non-magnetic ones. Mix those collections together, and have your child use the magnet to discover which items will be attracted to it and which will not. 

This activity can engage their curiosity and help build a foundation for an interest in science as they continue to grow.

6. Folding Items

Montessori toddler programs place an emphasis on developing practical skills in your child. While developing these skills will have useful applications in their everyday lives, there are additional benefits to teaching your child practical skills.

Learning how to do things like fold napkins or clean their play area can help your child develop fine motor and organizational skills as well, and it can provide them with a sense of pride and independence that can positively reframe what may otherwise be looked at as a boring chore. 

Find some small items — like a napkin, a pillowcase, or clothing — and show your child how to fold them, ensuring you keep the process positive and encouraging. Then, you can allow them to work out the process on their own. 

You’re likely to find that, after mastering folding, your child will be curious to learn more practical skills and to apply them in everyday life.

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