4 Simple Nature-Themed Activities for Montessori Primary Students

In the world of standard schooling, students rarely venture outside of the classroom. However, in Montessori primary programs, students build a foundation for mental, physical, and even spiritual growth. And one of the best ways to foster that growth is to spend time in nature. 

If you want to support your primary (preschool through kindergarten) child’s development and help them have fun, too, check out these easy nature-themed activities.

1. Sensory Exploration

Montessori primary students are constantly discovering new things in their environment. They do plenty of exploring on their own, but a little structured exploration — at home or at school — can be helpful, too.

One fun activity is to take a nature walk and explore new textures on the way. Children can experience the feeling of squishy mud, dry and crumbly leaves, bumpy rocks, and more.

2. Found-Object Art

The natural world has inspired artists for centuries, and it can inspire your child, too. With this project, your Montessori primary student will use both their imagination and actual things they’ve found outdoors to create memorable pieces of art. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Give your child a small bag or other container
  • Take them for a walk outside
  • Ask them to collect rocks, sticks, leaves, or whatever catches their interest 
  • In addition to their collection, give them construction paper, glue, and markers 
  • Watch them create their masterpieces!

Even older children (and adults) can enjoy this activity. If you’d like, you can create something alongside your child.

3. Sprouting Seeds

Telling your child how a seed becomes a plant is one thing. But if you want them to truly have an appreciation for nature, you can show them instead! You just need seeds of a fast-sprouting variety (like mung beans), some paper towels, and containers. Keep the seeds watered, and after a few days, you will see them start to sprout. 

You don’t have to end the lesson once you see the seeds sprout, though. If you have a garden (or even a window box), you can transfer the new sprouts and watch them turn into full-grown plants.

4. Exploring With a Compass

If you’ve ever had the chance to go geocaching, you know how exciting it can be to follow directions to find a surprise in the outdoors! You can create a simpler version of this exciting activity for your child. Here’s how to do it:

  • Pick out a toy, snack, or other small surprise
  • Hide it somewhere in your yard (like in a bush or even under a bucket)
  • Create simple directions (like “walk 10 steps north and then three steps west”)
  • Let your child explore until they find the hidden surprise!

This is an activity your child can do by themselves. However, it can be a lot of fun in a group as well! When done with siblings, a group of friends, or even your entire family, this is an activity that can help your child learn the art of problem-solving as a group.

Give Your Child the Head Start They Deserve

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