Top 5 Engaging Activities in a Montessori Toddler Program

Top 5 Engaging Activities in a Montessori Toddler Program - Montessori West

Are you considering enrolling your child in a Montessori toddler program? These programs are uniquely equipped to keep your child focused, engaged, and always learning. But the activities in a Montessori program aren’t just busy work — they’re meant to give your child the foundation they need to get the most out of their education.

That being said, if you’re new to the world of Montessori, you might be wondering what it’s all about. Here’s a look at some of the most common activities your child will discover in a Montessori toddler program.

1. Sculpting

This might sound like a fancy term for “playing with play dough,” and in essence, it is. However, being able to pursue independent, creative play in this way lines up with Montessori objectives. When they sculpt their own creations, toddlers develop their fine motor skills while gaining confidence in their creative abilities.

2. Sorting

Not everyone loves organizing. However, having great organizational skills is essential for anyone in school, in the workplace, or just looking to maintain a peaceful home. In a Montessori program, kids learn how to organize, but the learning happens in the form of a game in which they practice sorting objects by color, size, and more.

This might sound overly simple, but it helps toddlers begin to understand the concept of categories. Aside from building organizational skills, sorting games also help toddlers’ memories develop.

3. Sensory Learning

Maria Montessori believed that children learn — and even develop intelligence — through the senses. As a result, sensory exploration is a key facet of any Montessori toddler program. 

You may sometimes see parents post online about “sensory bins,” but Montessori education typically doesn’t use these. Rather, programs for toddlers incorporate the various senses into learning activities through tools like these:

  • Knobbed Cylinders: Children fit cylinders of different dimensions into the appropriate holes
  • Color Tablets: Children sort colored squares and learn to identify color gradients
  • Smell Cylinders: Children sharpen their sense of smell by distinguishing the scents of spices, etc.
  • Sound Cylinders: Children learn how to identify and describe different types of sounds
  • Musical Instruments: Children start to understand how to create different sounds using a variety of musical instruments

Each Montessori classroom is a little different, but all of them encourage even very young children to learn through their senses!

4. Washing and Drying Toys

Children at all levels of the Montessori process learn valuable hands-on skills. When children in a Montessori toddler program wash and dry their toys, they learn a fundamental life skill. They’re also learning the importance of cleaning and taking care of the things they value. 

Of course, toddlers also practice seeing projects through by cleaning up the washing area once they’re done.

5. Appreciating the Outdoors

Kids love being outside. In the context of a Montessori toddler program, playing and learning outside offers a way to harness their natural curiosity. 

Montessori toddlers are encouraged to engage with the outside world, whether that’s taking a close look at bugs, discovering how the sun casts shadows, or learning about what makes the leaves change colors and fall in autumn. When your child embarks on a journey of Montessori learning, they’ll discover that the whole world is their classroom!

Ready to Discover the Montessori Difference?

At Montessori West, we’ve seen firsthand how children thrive in the right environment. Our Montessori toddler program aims to create that environment for each child who walks through our doors. 

This program — designed for children from 18 months to three years — offers a comfortable, home-like environment where children can explore, communicate, learn, and grow. If you’re ready to enroll or want to learn more about our school or the Montessori method, please reach out.

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